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Fantasy Client Screening Application
For The Fantasys Network

Important information, terms & conditions.
Thank you for choosing Fantasys
and The Fantasys Network!
We're looking forward to doing business with you

We understand that the information we ask for is sensitive and may be somewhat uncomfortable for some of you and we do apologize for the intrusion, however it is an absolute necessity of the adult industry that you
will encounter with the better providors that recognize the value of
SAFETY and correctly targeting a specific audience to appeal to and
not be too accessible. It's all about integrity, either you have it or you
don't. We do and we hope that you do as well. Simple.

We assure you that this procedure is completely safe. Every aspect
of "The Fantasy Network" business is completed “in house” by the
owners to ensure complete discretion. Screening is a necessity born
out of 3 decades of SUCCESSFUL experience in this industry.

Once the verification process has been completed and you are approved
you will be assigned and e-mailed a unique “Fantasy Client Code” that identifies you as one of our valued customers when you phone us for a reservation. We will not make initial appointments by text or e-mail.
We make everything very simple and straightforward with
no hassles, no hidden costs or fees here, we promise.

Please Note
Requests submitted after 5 pm EST May Not be processed until the next day. Requests submitted on weekends "May Not" be processed until the Next Business Day. Appointments usually require 12 to 24 hour advance notice.

Below are things you MUST be absolutely clear on before you fill out the
client verification request form please.
We reward integrity and honesty here.
We Do Not Approve Questionable Screening Applications.

1) We are a Full Verification Escort Service which means if FantasyClientScreening cannot validate who you say you are
We Will Not Do Business. We Will Not Make Exceptions Under
Any Conditions.

2) Fill out the form completely & honestly the first time or
you are wasting your time and ours.
Professional to Professional-
It Costs Us To Screen You.
Please don't attempt to purposefully deceive
us which includes "intentional typos" on your name, using nick names
instead of your legal name, DOB or other data. We Will Deny You
And Thats A Bad Mark Against You In The Industry.

3) We target the 30 and older market. If you are 29 years old or
under we will decline your application.

4) DO NOT share your FANTASYS CLIENT CODE with anyone beyond
The Fantasys Network Escort Agencies
phone operators and then ONLY
when YOU phone Fantasys!
DO NOT give it out to other providers,
friends or ANYONE. Doing so will result in: BANNED!

5) We will not tolerate clients soliciting our associates to see
them privately
. This is what we do for a living and we take a
harsh stance against stealing. Nor do we tolerate our associates
offering their personal numbers to clients in order to see them
outside of the agency. That is completely disrespectful and

You will never be permitted into our folds a second
time if you violate this rule.

6) Should an emergency happen we ask for a reasonable amount of
time to cancel the appointment. Failure to cancel your appointment
within a reasonable amount of time will probably result in
your not being permitted to use our service again.
If you died on the
way to the appointment-contact us from Heaven and we'll say
something nice about you. (haha)

Final Note after Submitting Your Application:
Please check your Spam/ Bulk Folder for our automatic
confirmation e-mail which will se sent - Details here.
Remember To Bring Your ID When You're Seeing A Girl
For The First Time.
No ID, No Appointment.

Yes, I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions

Continue to the Screening Form
( it only works if you check yes)