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F.A.Q: Things most of you want to know about Fantasy Client Screening.
Our Local ladies Tour Extensively.
Click On Their Photos For Details.

* Prospective Clients must be pre-screened first by filling out the screening form for initial contact. After Screening it's a simple phone call to make a reservation.

* Fantasys VIP Escorts tour on rotation. You are encouraged to register with our newsletter to be notified of new tours or visit fantasy escort blogs for local schedules and availability.

* The Fantasys Network screening services are accepted internationally by
established escort agencies and independent escorts. It is in your benefit to be screened with us (its free). Every professional provider or service in the entire industry recognizes our screening Because We Are An Escort Agency first & foremost for over 30 years.

* After Screening you will be assigned a Personal Fantasy Client Code that identifies you to us when you phone for an appointment.

* The Fantasy Client Code screening is sophisticated with multiple safeguards incorporated into it as well as processes/procedures to protect you and us from
anyone attempting to impersonate you liek a spouse, or "friend" or even a cop.
We utilize the latest technologies to assist us in the verification process to
establish your indentity and speed it along.

* Everything is completed "in-house" at Fantasys. No one has access to your information, We promise. It Is Secure. Don't worry, we will not phone you at home!

* Our requirements are necessary to ensure that you are the person(ality) type that we want to do business with. Incongruency leads to unhappiness and that is unacceptable in business. Personal information and measurements of honesty
are essential to establishing your character and integrity, Ours is clearly established and well known in the industry.

NOTE: Our ladies receive the exact same scrutiny to work with us as well gentlemen so you are assured of congruent social stratum. Including drug tests & criminal background checks.

* You will receive a confirmation e-mail after your screening application has been completed to confirm that your application was delivered successfully. Your Fantasys Client Code will be e-mailed to the address you supplied on the screening form along with instructions on how to activate your Fantasy Client Code along with concise instructions to establish your Fantasy Username for our member forums (free bonus). <-- Not required.

* When You're Ready To Make An Appointment, simply Phone Us at our Private Reservation line (supplied after you pass) with your Name and Client Code to request an appointment. For incalls (you come to us-complimentary) or an outcall (we come to you.) NOTE: Not all ladies provide that to new clients until you're established.

* When you PHONE IN Your Request we will determine the girl, area, time, date and duration of the appointment at that time. We are flexible and will always do our best to accommodate your requests. Most ladies aren't "local", but they do travel.
WE DO LOTS OF OVERNIGHT APPOINTMENTS!. Those are preferred. Ie. Quality vs Quantity. Overnight requests nearly always supercede the public schedule!
NOTE: Some areas or girls may require an extended hour appointment or overnight
( 2-3-6-12 hours etc) to see them in an unscheduled city.

* On the scheduled day of your appointment, please phone us to confirm your
appointment as early as possible (Please, leave a message, our phone lines are secure. Repeatedly Phoning without leaving a message will only DE-ACTIVATE Your Client Code!) and we will confirm final details at that time.
consider writing an escort review If possible for any lady that you have never seen before, PLEASE. This bit of symbiosis helps us attract the better,
more exclusive younger girls that we are known to work with at Fantasys
that are Un-typical to adult entertainment escort services. You benefit.

F.Y.I. Fine Points
You are welcome to phone at any time to merely to ask who is available "locally" as the schedules often change abruptly when appointments extend or a last moment overnight request comes in. Advance appointment requests are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED . We have also have a convenient Twitter Account for "Daily Messages": Try it!

* Feel free to make an unscheduled request for someone, you may get lucky!
* Visiting our Schedule can most often tell you who is available that week.
* We make all of our tour announcements and future travel plans there.
* You may wish to sign up for our free newsletter to be notified of a touring girl
in your area since they all rotate to different cities at different times every month.
* Most girls here are students and they aren't always as flexible as some others.
Its wise to have a couple of girls in mind as a secondary request.

* Your co-operation is greatly appreciated and rewarded with a higher
Client Code Level. (4 levels of membership, or trust).
* The girl you reviewed will be notified of your co-operation.
* Escort Reviews assist us in fulfilling the girls financial needs without resorting
to "over working" to fulfill their needs or "shilling" for additional money.
* Our published rate is all you pay. (Flat Fee)

* In the event of a general misfortune, flat tire, traffic, unscheduled visit from
the mother-in-law, emergency, etc, PLEASE PHONE IMMEDIATELY so we
can re-schedule or prevent an unnecessary hotel expenditure or travel expense.
No harm, no foul. It happens. Just let us know and we will return the courtesy
with continued terrific service for years to come!

Make A Request For An Overnight Somewhere New, We Love To Travel!

I have a lot of seasonal girls here gents. I  have a number of students (nearly all).
have a lot of part-part time girls here and I have a few big bucks only girls and a couple of overnight only girls so don't take it personally if one is unavailable or declines your request because its a small appointment, too far, too late, etc. and finally these girls do internal evaluations on you after appointments per my requirements so I know how to deal with you or how best to provide for you. The ladies Do Not Have Access To Your Personal Information-only I do. However, they do often request the other girls evaluations and of course I am obliged to deliver. Your behavior is judged as well as your hygiene. They are often times the deciding factor. Hygiene is a BIG  deal so please address that...

**** Remember to leave a message with Your Name & Client Code gentlemen.
We will return your call as promptly as we can.

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